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The Infection_house interior

Design and production of a house interior

(cc) gg-loop + mgarba

main designer: gg-loop

technical support: Salice s.p.a.

house surface:  m² 60

client: –

location: Altamura, I

dates: 2013

materials: Poplar plywood

links: gg-loop, divisare


This 2 rooms apartment is the first floor of a old complex built in the 30’s, made of typical local tuff stone. The young owners wanted to improve the quality of the space exploiting the beautiful 4 meters high vaulted ceiling by adding a mezzanine for the more private space of their bedroom.




The idea is to keep the existing state of the apartment as clean as possible, improving technologically installations and energy saving and add character by creating a complex system of furniture embedded in the house.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)



A generative pattern made out of cells grows along the wall as a new plant, embracing the space. This system integrate all the functions (storage, bookshelves, pantry, closet, wardrobe and technological fittings) of the house and improves acoustic performances.



part 2


The production has been carried out in our workshop in Rotterdam, NL, and in January 2014 it has been transported to the site and installed.

images: gg-loop + mgarba

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